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An Action Forum of the Global Anti-Prohibition Movement


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Join the reform movement and help end the prohibition of drugs!

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One of our activities is to distribute The Manifesto

For more information on the effects of prohibition see: The Reasons Why

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The tide is turning! Read the latest press comments on drug policy from around the world, collected and archived by The Media Awareness Project (MAP). Join MAP to help writing letters to the media. Follow's ongoing Special Investigative Series on the drug war.

Main drug policy reform organisations: DRCNet | The November Coalition | NORML | MAP | CSDP | FAMM | DPF | TLC | Hanfnet | Cures-Not-Wars | Other links

Several European cities have united in the European Cities on Drug Policy
For an organization with contacts in South America, Africa and Asia see TNI / ENCOD

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From the UK Drugs Czar Quotes:

"There's a myth that if we legalise a substance
it would somehow take the illegality out of it."

Keith Hellawell, UK drugs czar, BBC Online, June 1999

"I am not saying we are being effective with the approach, but
it is all part of our strategy."
(Hellawell, The Observer, September 19 1999).

Some strategy that must be. But Ken Livingstone, the new mayor of London, is not amused:
"The people who would be most disappointed if ever the drugs czar was sacked,
would be the cocaine cartels."
(The Times, April 11 2000).